Here Are Some Reasons Someone Has An Affair

Many divorces occur because of an affair, you can’t avoid this because anyone can cheat behind you. If you don’t trust your lover, then you can monitor them using the services of Private Detective Rock Hill SC. we can help you monitor what your lover is doing, and whether he is cheating or not. If you are married, all the evidence we take can be the main evidence in court.

Infidelity is something that cannot be avoided. There are many reasons why someone chooses to cheat. Here are some reasons why someone cheats.

The influence of others
Whether we realize it or not, the people around also influence a person’s tendency towards infidelity. In an anonymous poll, more than 75% of men who had intercourse with women who were not wives claimed that their friends also betrayed their wives. Influence from other people can actually encourage someone to cheat.

You and your lover no longer have closeness
47% of male clients who cheat have no emotional intimacy with their partners. The situation becomes even more difficult because men don’t like to show their feelings. In fact, many women really want a male partner to have an open feeling.

Too much use of social media
If one partner in a relationship devotes too much time to Twitter or other social networks, then the risk of infidelity will increase. Virtual relationships in cyberspace can cause arguments for couples in the real world. This obviously can ultimately damage harmony.

Too much work
More than 1/3 men who cheat are serious business people who usually cheat on their beloved women during business trips. While in women, 13% of women cheat in the workplace. The possibility of infidelity at work increases during the 6-9 year marriage (those years are the most fragile for a marriage). Well, it seems that having good time management skills and priorities is very important in a relationship.

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