The Cause Of Clogged Drains

A kitchen sink is often used as a place to dispose of the remaining water in a glass or food on a dirty plate. Food waste, as well as small to large ones, are often left on a dishwasher tub. Without us knowing, it is these rubbish that will later become the source of the clogged sink problem. And when this trouble occurs, the only thing you could do is to call plomero monterrey to help you fix the problem before affected the whole plumbing system. However, it is important to know the cause of clogging drains because it is not just food waste that can make your sink dirty and clogged.

Sometimes, having a large dishwasher has many advantages, one of which is the place to bathe our furry friends. But did you know that animal hair, especially cats and dogs, is classified as hair that is easy to fall out and can easily clog drainage pipes? Yes, pet hair, even though it is soft, is buoyant and easily attaches to water drains. The reason is, the contents of the sewer pipe are often mossy and the fine fur of animals can be easily attached to this moss and will eventually form a lump like wet cotton. This lump is what will cause the sink to be clogged.

The first bad habit that you must avoid is letting the dishes piled up in the sink. Remnants of food attached to the plate will fall in the drain water tub and this is where the sink begins. Different types of dishwasher tubs, some sinks are equipped with garbage smelters and some are not. However, whatever the type, allowing food scraps to be discharged into the sink drain is not recommended. This food waste will make the blinder of the smelter blunt and the results will be difficult to work, and total damage. The rubbish that needs to be avoided to be disposed of in the kitchen sink is leftover rice, bones, fibrous vegetables, meat, and other large food scraps. You could also use the plumber service to give regular maintenance so clogged drains problem will be prevented.

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