There Are Several Ways To Remove Crusts From Squat Toilets

The floor cleaning fluid is for cleaning the floor, however, this liquid also contains ingredients that can clean the crust in your toilet. So, it never hurts to use this liquid as an alternative material to clean the crust in your squat toilet. Meanwhile, if your toilet is clogged, we recommend you to hire the best plumber Columbia SC.

How to use: Pour the floor cleaning liquid in the crunchy squat toilet, then leave it for about 30 minutes to give time for the liquid to work. After settling, rub using a rough brush making it easier for you to rub to get rid of crust. Finally, rinse using clean water.

The next way to clean a squat toilet is by using citron. Citron is another name for Citric acid which is actually a powdered vinegar acid. Citron is commonly used as a clothing bleach, also as an acid enhancer and for preservatives. However, apparently there are other benefits of citron that is to clean the crust. Its acidic nature makes it effective for cleaning stubborn crust in your toilet.

How to use: First, you need to scrub your squat toilet with soapy water then rinse with clean water all over the toilet surface. After that, sprinkle citric acid on the wet toilet and leave it for about 1 hour. Then, brush your squat toilet again, rinse with clean water until there is no residual citric acid or soapy water available, and dry it.

In addition, you can use chlorine. Calcium hypochlorite or what we know as chlorine is usually used as a water disinfectant. Usually, this chlorine has a very unique odor that is the smell that many of us encounter in swimming pools. This odor comes from the chlorine in the chlorine due to slow decomposition in moist air. If we buy chlorine, this substance is usually yellowish. Actually, the shape of the chlorine itself is a white solid.

How to use: flush your squat toilet with hot water then sprinkle chlorine, especially in the crusty parts. Then, let it alone for half an hour. Rub your squat toilet using a brush that has been previously given soapy water to clean the remaining chlorine that is attached and then rinse with clean water.

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