This Is How To Install Cables For Lamp Switches

For the sake of installing the lamp fitting switch cable, we first install the lamp fittings and then attach the wires. One cable is connected to the negative cable from the main power line (if there is a blue wire). While other cables are connected to the switch (if there is a black wire), this black cable is used to get positive electricity from the wall outlet. Meanwhile, if you want to avoid any risk of accident due to electricity, we recommend you to hire the best Staten Island Electrical Contractor.

After that, we have to make the electrical jumper switch. After the cable from the lamp fittings is connected to one of the switch cable terminals, then we connect the other switch terminal (in red) to one of the socket plug terminals, this is also called the jumper in yellow.

Finally, we have to install an electrical switch. The wiring terminal on the wall outlet is connected to the next switch, we connect it to the positive cable from the main power line that is connected to the MCB (use a black wire). Whereas the other outlet terminal is connected by a negative cable from the main power line (blue wire).

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