You Can Decorate Your Minimalist Wall With Paintings, Prints, And Outboard Racks

Generally, many people make paintings as wall hangings in the room, especially in the living room. However, some people do not pay much attention to the continuity between the theme of the room with the type of paintings or art prints that will be installed. Then, what kind of paintings that are suitable to be installed in a minimalist living room?

Things to consider before you buy a painting for a minimalist living room is to see the shape of the frame. In order to blend into the minimalist concept, you should choose a simple painting frame without a lot of carvings and ornaments. For example, a type of painting that was once popular, namely one painting that was cut into several parts with a simple frame. You can try it!

In addition to paintings, another wall decoration that can be applied to a minimalist living room is an outboard rack. With this wall decoration, your living room will look more beautiful. Not only does it function as an aesthetic value, but the outboard rack is also functionally useful. You can find various types and shapes of unique wooden shelves that can be used as wall hangings. For example, a wooden rack in the shape of a tree and its branches.

On this wall decoration, you can display a variety of objects, ranging from displays, collection items, favorite books, action figures, and others. Of course, this outboard rack is very multifunctional for your tiny living room.

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