You Need To Know This If You Want To Maintain The Exterior Of Your Car

In caring for the exterior of the car, there are many ways you can do to maintain the gloss of the car. With sparkling paint, the car also looks beautiful and luxurious. One of the most basic techniques for caring for painting is to diligently wash the car. However, in reality, car washing should not be done carelessly so as not to damage the coat of paint. Washing a car, although it is simple, there are many things that must be considered. It’s because washing a car doesn’t just flush the car with water and then dry it. On the other hand, before we continue, if you need to replace your windshield, you may go to the best company of Windshield Replacement in your area.

Nevertheless, sometimes because of busyness, we do not have time to care for the vehicle itself. Though vehicle maintenance is very important, in addition to appearance, also to maintain the condition of the car remains excellent.

One of the important factors in car washing, you should use clean water and shampoo specifically for washing cars. Try not to use detergent soap, because the chemical content found in detergent soap can cause the paint to become dull and not bright.

In addition, the car should also not be parked for too long in the sun. If the car is often sun-dried, the paint will gradually fade and look ugly.

Here are tips for washing the car properly and correctly so that the surface of the paint is maintained brightly:

Wash the car in the shade, and not exposed to direct sunlight, so that the water does not dry out immediately.

Flush with high-pressure water first, so that the dirt that clings fall out, then flush with car shampoo.

Clean up between the sidelines and under the car, so that all the dirt is gone.

Then flush again with high-pressure water, so that the soap and dirt drift away until the car looks clean.

Dry the car, and do not have wet parts that are not dried, so that spots and mold do not appear on the surface of the car.

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